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    Check the Jarring Effects breakcore roster:


    with Broken NoteRuby My DearStazma The Junglechrist,2methylBulbe1ol and LLAMATRON.

    Booking info: vincent@jarringeffects.net

    3 weeks ago

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  3. Ruby My Dear plays at Glastonbury Festival (official) on the Salon Carousel stage at Midnight tomorow !!!

    More info : http://www.glastonburyfestivals.co.uk/line-up/line-up-2014/

    3 weeks ago

  4. Glastonbury Festival

    See you on saturday at “Salon Carousel”

    4 weeks ago

  5. Jitter Room on Peek A Boo Magazine

    thanks Peek-A-Boo-Magazine !!

    1 month ago

  6. W-Fenec

    Chronique tres positive sur le dernier W-Fenec magazine de “Form”. Toujours dispo sur Ad Noiseam:

    1 month ago

  7. After three months of brainstorming, shooting and editing, a few teasers and a crowd-sourcing campaign which brought a lot of very welcome support, we are proud to present “Jitter Room”, a short movie created by Lisa Chabbert and the Ciné2000 team, based on the track of the same name by Ruby My Dear, taken from his 2013 “Form” album (adn171).

    Do not expect your usual, short, colorful and futuristic breakcore video this time around. The creators of this video took a resolutely different approach for “Jitter Room”: shooting in the countryside, on fields and in forests, with a cast made entirely of children, and the whole thing shown in black & white, this eleven-minute long movie is a short film in itself, and not just a video. Showcasing the many emotions and sides of the original track, it follows a precise narrative and tells its story of excitement, violence, despair and humanity.

    You can watch “Jitter Room” here and below. Thanks again to everybody who helped fund this film. Those of you who have entered the crowd-funding campaign will receive their goodies quite soon.

    1 month ago

  8. OUT NOW on kaometry

    download compilation here:

    1 month ago  /  Source: SoundCloud / Kaometry records

  9. This Week end in UK

    16th May: Edinburgh @ The Mash House
    Facebook event:

    17th May: Huddersfield @ Storthes Hall Park
    Facebook event:

    My new youtube channel here:

    2 months ago

  10. JITTER ROOM RELEASE BOOM7th may 2014 @ Toulouse, La Dynamow/ Ruby My Dear 2methylBulbe1ol MÜ SecJitter Room // Ad Noiseam // Jarring Effects // Ciné 2000https://www.facebook.com/events/307821009367828/

    7th may 2014 @ Toulouse, La Dynamo
    w/ Ruby My Dear 2methylBulbe1ol  Sec
    Jitter Room // Ad Noiseam // Jarring Effects // Ciné 2000


    2 months ago